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July: Book of the Month

Geometria et Perspectiva - Augsburg, 1567
  • Lorenz Stöer's Work on Geometric Design

    In conjunction with our selection for SLAM's July E-Rendez-Vous - connected by the theme of Scholarly Worlds - the Book of the Month for July is Lorenz Stöer's Geometria et Perspectiva, a work featured in our 2019 publication Perspectives.


    Combining buildings, nature, and puzzling geometry in 11 intricate full-page woodcuts, Stöer's collection served as a model book for cabinet makers and craftsmen working with wood inlay or intarsia. His works are often compared to those of the Nuremberg goldsmiths Hans Lencker and Wenzel Jamnitzer, yet in contrast to these two, Stöer apparently still constructed his complicated geometric forms in the traditional way, with compass and straight-edge. This scholarly world of perspectival drawing joins three others for SLAM's July e-Rendez-Vous event. 


    Interested in learning more? Click here to check out SLAM's monthly event!




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