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May: Book of the Month

Dyson Perrins Psalter-Hours - Paris, c. 1250-60
  • Psalter-Hours with calendar, canticles, and Hours of the Virgin

    In conjunction with our selection for SLAM's May E-Rendez-Vous - connected by the theme of their Notable Provenance - the Book of the Month for May is this Dyson Perrins Psalter-Hours.


    Once owned by the likes of Sir Thomas Brooke (1830-1908), president of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, and philanthropist and bibliophile, Charles William Dyson Perrins (1864-1958), this beautiful manuscript is an eminent addition to any collection. With its vibrant colours and regal burnished gold, it accompanies the three items chosen for exhibition at SLAM's May e-Rendez-Vous event. 


    Interested in those three items? Click here to check out SLAM's monthly event!




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