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SLAM e-Rendez-Vous

Online, 3 - 5 February 2022
An exciting opportunity for year-round bibliophily

The Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne (SLAM) are hosting their monthly e-Rendez-Vous online fairs, to be held on the 3rd of each month, from 3pm onwards. The fair will resume on February 3rd.


At these mini-fairs, each dealer will present 3 items of their choosing, and Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books is excited to present for February 2022, a trio linked by a theme of 'Compendia'.


These books each contain multiple texts, inviting questions of provenance, ownership, and how these written works interact with each other - often heightened by intricate and intriguing woodcut illustrations. 


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