Should you have recently taken an interest in illuminated manuscripts and early printed books, we are here to help orient you and to encourage your enthusiasm.

Our Glossary will help familiarize you with many of the specialized terms used for describing book art. Please visit our Links for additional resources relevant to incunables, manuscripts, and collecting. Regardless of your aims in the world of books, our firm can lend you its expertise.



On Collecting

Our clients represent an entire spectrum of possibility for interacting with illuminated manuscripts and rare books: some new clients are only beginning their collections, some are established institutions that are carefully adding works to their vast libraries, others are private collectors insuring that their treasures are passed on to new owners who will continue to cherish them, while others are just discovering the captivating realm of book art.

Starting a collection is a fascinating process: one may start small with a single leaf or take the plunge and acquire the largest and finest books available. A collection could survey the history of manuscript illumination, focus on important texts, or complement an existing collection of materials from the same region or time period.
For those with philanthropic aims, a bequest of a manuscript or rare printed book would be a splendid addition to a museum or library collection. Great collections are formed through the collaboration of private and public resources. Private gifts to medieval and Renaissance manuscript and rare book holdings help to preserve our heritage for both scholarly and general audiences for years to come.



The primary activity of Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books is the purchase and sale of manuscripts, early printed books, and miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. While actively maintaining a scholarly dialogue, we advise private collectors and institutes on filling the gaps in their collections. Those with a new interest in books have found the right team to acquaint them with the world of book art. We accompany collectors from the birth of their collections to the refining of their focal points.


We offer the following services: 
• Expert advice on buying or selling from our team of specialists 
• Long-term support in the development of your collection 
• Thorough scholarly documentation of each manuscript, incunable, and miniature for sale 
• Detailed appraisals for individual items or entire collections 
• Library inventories 
• Auction representation and bidding 
• Organization of exhibition loans 
• Support in securing suitable insurance policies 
• Assistance in art transportation management 


In all, we provide the Bibliophile with comprehensive guidance and support.




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